Is wireless charging worth to you?

July 24, 2019

Whether you call it fantastic or ordinary, how convenient single wireless chargers for all your devices like iPod, iPhone, and Android mobile set?

The biggest advantage of it is annoying cables do not exist anymore. Another focusing concern here is the reshaped standard of Qi car charger. You can say it is a new breed of wireless charging to feed your phone battery.

Every electronic device has its charger to make it charge whenever requires. This means when you get a new device, you have to buy a compatible charger to fulfill the hunger of your battery. Is it sound good?

Goodbye to issues like cables, empty batteries, different chargers, and instant low battery while driving. And all of this, replaced by wireless charging.

It doesn’t matter who are the manufacturers of a charger. What matters is that a Qi-compatible device is available to charge your smart cell phones like Android and iPhones.

The question still exists – is wireless charging good for users? What makes it an extremely important product and what brings it in drawback category. Let’s first introduce the Qi wireless charger.

What is Qi charger?

Qi is a standard of wireless charging and it is free to use in any product. It brings a revolution in which the phone gets charge wirelessly. By following a simple concept or you can say steps your phone will be charged easily.

Imagine you are out for your vacations and while driving, the annoying message of low battery displays over your phone screen. Immediately you can place it on charging mat to give it life. What else you expect? Is it not sufficient? In less than a second, you get a 'battery charger'.

The principle behind the charging process is the electromagnetic field. Generally, it is generated by the electric current. A charging pad has a transmitter coil and your battery has receiver coil. When a charger comes in contact with the battery, EM waves are transferred from TX to RX coil (Exist at the back of your phone). It is further processed to charge your phone.

Furthermore, Qi includes inductive and resonant charging. This feature makes it superior from other chargers available in the market.

Inductive charging, a device should be closed to a charger.

Resonant charging, the device can be placed over short distances with minimum power loss.

  • Pros


It protects an overheating problem. As once the charging completes, it automatically turns off. In simple words, it is much safer than others.

No mess of wire/cable:

There is no mess of cable and wire over your car dashboard. Freely put your phone over a mat and enjoy a green battery.

  • Cons

Very expensive:

Getting fancy wireless charging is very expensive. So, maximum people avoid buying it.

Lower charging speed:

Compare to a wired charger, wireless charging takes a little more time to charge your battery.

Consequently, even a wireless charger is expensive and takes time to charge your battery, still it is the number one charging device. Because it has a tag of Qi standard that defines its quality.

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