How Will Qi Car Charger Be In The Future

September 03, 2019

Although wireless charging has been the ruling market around for years, it is difficult to create its place. Many users believe traditional or wired charger is more beneficial over wireless charger but it's not worth in all cases. Most of the users are feeling a drastic change in their life because of the wide availability of Qi Car Charger. Advancement in wireless technology will start to take over.

Principle and working of wireless car charger:

The wireless charging operates by using the principle, electromagnetic field. It is a theory in which power is transferred between two objects. Bear in mind, energy is passed only between electrical devices by inductive coupling. This coupling is feasible between transmitter coil (exist in wireless charger) and receiver coil (exist at the back of a mobile phone). When a phone drops on charging mat, electrical signals transmit from charger to mobile phone to charge the phone battery. In this way, the battery gets its life back.

What are the advantages that will bring Qi charger in the future?

  1. Save connections

An enclosed electronic circuit is protected. In the case of wireless charging, you don’t have to touch any port and hence its save. Moreover, it is not exposed to moisture and oxygen and therefore no risk of short circuits. The charger will not hurt the mobile phone at any cost.

  1. High durability

Plugging and unplugging can cause wear and tear of the charger as well as a smart device. When there is no struggle of plugging and unplugging using a cable, eventually there will be a lesser risk of hardware damage. Additionally, plugging a mobile phone to any irrelevant cable is not safe at all. It will damage a phone battery. Apart from this, placing a phone on a charging mat is considered a secure technique. 

  1. Avoid over-heating problem

Over-heating is a big issue with a wired charger. Constantly users have to keep an eye on battery percentage. Thanks to wireless car charger as it automatically turns off when the phone battery gets charged. Therefore, goodbye to an over-heating problem.

  1. Convenient

The biggest advantage of wireless technology is convenience. There is only one cable that is needed to fix with the charger to supply power. Otherwise, no more mess of wires and cables in your life. Carry a portable charger wherever you go.

  1. Reliable for multiple devices

Another benefit of the wireless car charger is that it is reliable for multiple devices. Android, as well as the iPhone, are using this advanced technology at a greater extent.


Qi charger is a present and will be the future of your smartphone. It is a standard charger and has undergone a laboratory test to prove its charging efficiency. Moreover, it is medically safe and will not cause any skin infection.



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