How Do You Choose the Best Wireless Phone Charger for Car?

August 04, 2019

Who wants to struggle to find out a cable of your charger when you are traveling through crowded roads? During that situation, you just want to plunk your cell phone on a wireless car charger. And if your device supports wireless charger then advanced wireless charging can be a lifesaver for your mobile phone.

Everyone fears of drained phone battery when they away from home and office especially when you are out to enjoy a road trip. Wireless phone charger for car comes up to supply power to your phone battery. And you desperately want this when you have to turn on GPS to track the destination.

Wireless Car Charger for Phone

Choosing the right wireless car charger is a big stress. The market has been packed with a wide range of chargers and out of that, some are good whereas others may hurt your device. So choosing the best is a little tricky.
Here is a list of features that will help you to choose the most appropriate phone charger for the car.

1. Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard

Look at the wireless car charger’s standard. It will help you to get the best for your phone. Presently, Qi is the best wireless charging standard to provide 5 to 15 watts of power. It delivers a positive and safe wireless charging experience.
Whenever you purchase a wireless charger, identify is it a Qi-certified product or not. Firstly, examine the Qi logo is labeled over a product or not and secondly ask suppliers to show a certificate issued by manufacturers (Wireless Power Consortium).

2. Does it support fast charging?

In-built wireless car charger technology in new car models has evolved and therefore, the speed of wireless charging is improved too. Usually, the phone gets charged with a wireless charger at 7.5W, 9W or even 15W.
Look at the specifications of a wireless charger mentioned on the packaging box. Compare that speed with all other phone chargers. Eventually, you will conclude the fastest car charger.

3. Test

In order to measure how long a wireless charger can take to charge your Android phone and iPhone, go with a test trial.

Android test:

1. Turn on the airplane mode of your phone when you are planning to test the wireless charging. As airplane mode turns off all notifications and incoming calls.

2. Drained your phone battery and set the brightness feature at 100 percent. Wait for a moment till the battery is fully drained and the phone turns off.

3. Now set a timer for four minutes and place the phone on charging mat. And after 4 minutes see the phone gets turned on and its brightness too. It shows a phone battery is back into life.

4. Perform this test with other wireless chargers and compare the results.

iPhone test:

Same as an Android phone; enable airplane mode, set 100% brightness and drained the whole battery. In the case of the iPhone test, you have to set 7 minutes instead of 4 minutes. So place your phone on charging mat and after 7 minutes see the phone turns on. Then again, drop the phone on a charging pad and after 60 minutes check its battery percent. Repeat this test with other chargers. And at last, you will get the best results.

Follow the rights steps to measure the quality of a wireless charger. Compare all chargers but consider the standardized charger at the top of your list because it's safe and effective.

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