5 Wireless Charging Secrets You Never Knew

July 25, 2019

How are you feeling? Freedom from wires/cables – kind of. But what about your car? You can carry this advantage there too!!

Thanks to technology to bring the most liberating development for smart devices today. It's a little embarrassing to look for a charging port when you are out at friends' home, cafeteria and anywhere outside your home or office. Wireless charging launches on time, on budget and exactly to grow the level of performance. And in all of this, the good news is we may not have to consider wired charger to pack in our respective packs.

The era of wireless charging is getting appreciation at every station. The most commonly used is inductive charging. Its mechanic is very simple; the electromagnetic field is generated between two devices to transfer energy from a charger to your battery.

With this post, we will disclose 5 wireless car charger secrets that had never been discussed earlier by anybody.

1. In the last couple of years, new launched luxurious cars already have a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. It is installed in front of the shifting column. What else you expect? Lavish lifestyle with an in-built charging pad which is of course wireless. Toyota manufacturers have launched an equipped vehicle in the market. Apart from them, Chrysler, Ford, Volvo, Honda, GMC, BMW, Volkswagen, Chevrolet Audi, and Mercedes offer this fantastic provision in some of its models.

2. It's better to understand the process from its initial stage. Its designing comes up with plenty of challenges. The magnetic and integration were some critical functionalities that influenced its cost, performance rate and production in the market. When these threats were resolved at a later stage, then finally it was introduced.

3. The Qi is the only kind of charger that fits 90% of a wireless charging device. Earlier there was one more standard under this category and later on, that was merged with Qi and introduced as Qi standard.

4. It protects your connection. It's an enclosed electronics, so there is no exposure to water and oxygen. You can enjoy a device which is free from any electrical faults.

5. It is a very beneficial device for embedded medical devices. While power transmission via a magnetic field, some signals pass through your skin but it doesn’t harm your skin. In medical language, no risk of skin infection.

Additionally, there are some more advantages of using wireless charging and everyone might be aware of that but still, need to shed some light on that also.

High durability of your device

Wireless charging gives high durability to your phone. There are no plugged and unplugged issues with it, so there is no risk of wear and tear. You can enjoy your device for a long duration.

Convenient source

It is the only device which is convenient to carry along with your drive. No mess of wires and cables.

At the root of it, you will feel immense pleasure to know that Qi wireless charging is approachable for Android as well as for iPhones.

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