Seven Doubts about Wireless Car Charger You Should Clarify

August 11, 2019

Advanced technology brings Wireless Car Charger to make life easier and side by side we wake up unexpected doubts in our minds. We never thank wireless appliances but ready to point a finger on its cons. Anyway, let's discuss some of the common doubts people have about wireless car charger and do our best to clarify that misconception.

1. Most of you think, a wireless charger is harmful, is it so? It can be your doubt and it is. Talking of reality: direct electromagnetic (EM) radiations can be harmful to the human body but only if you come in contact with these radiations in a long way. The inductive standard is carried by the manufacturers called Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which results in Qi wireless charger with negligible EM radiations. It is medically proven that a Qi charging pad doesn’t cause any effect to your body. Even it’s not caused any skin infection while placing your phone on a mat.

2. Keep your mind clear if you are carrying confusion that wireless charger can damage your phone battery. Damage problem is arrived because of the production of excessive heat and its not feasible in the case of Qi charger.

3. Wireless charging is so effective that it can work for Android as well as iPhone. Need not to get any particular charger for your Smartphone.

4. Many users are in favor of using unofficial chargers and they find it's more reliable than Qi charger. Stop thinking so because unofficial chargers can work for a short duration, it can give up at any time. At last, you have to get back to your wired charger but this situation will never happen in case of Qi standard.

5. If you think it's important to keep an eye out on the phone charger till it completes the phone battery then you are wrong. With a wireless charger, you are free from all these responsibilities. Place your phone and enjoy your ride, it automatically turns off when the battery gets charged.

6. Another common misconception in people is its charging speed is slow. Its charging speed is good just need to accurately place your phone on charging mat so that receiver coil presents at the back of your phone gets the signal from the transmitter coil exists in a charger.

7. You are not allowed to use your phone when it is on a charging pad. This is just for your safety; firstly, it improves the efficiency and another one is it prevents you from serious accident usually happen when you use a phone while driving.

For a long duration, no other charger is capable to beat Qi wireless car charger. It is convenient and safe for you and your device.

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