7 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Wireless Car Charger

July 23, 2019

Living in today’s world without a cell phone sounds a little awkward. We can’t survive without a mobile phone; likewise, the phone can’t exist without a charger. Wired and wireless chargers give a new life to a smarter device called 'Mobile Phone'. But the present scenario manifests wireless charging is a more convenient source.

Fortunately, a wireless car charger is putting a wall charger, power bank, and wired car charger at the back seat.

Note: keeping your phone charge consistently will enhance the life span of your battery and it will protect you from irritating alerts ‘Low Battery’ when you are about to make an urgent call or message.

Whether we enjoy a lavish lifestyle with wireless charging but still it needs some improvement to bring a superior product out in the market. Here we are going to discuss 7 innovative approaches to improve your wireless car charger.

1. Turn on Aeroplane mode

Turn on the airplane mode while putting your phone on wireless charging. As it reduces background work and other calling features. And it allows a phone to get charge more efficiently. Sources like Bluetooth and GPS should be turned off when the phone is on charging mode.

2. Break down the slow charging process

Many customers complain, wireless charging is slow but they forget that charging depends upon how you place a phone over a mat. Keep device and cell phone in proper contact with each other.

3. Leave it alone

Most of you have a habit to tap over your phone's screen when it is placed over a charger but stop doing this. It will improve the charging speed.

4. Standard matters

Stick with Qi-standard charger to upgrade the quality of wireless charging. It speeds up the process.

5. Don’t overheat

Be conscious when the phone is fully charged because excess heat may damage your battery. But FIORA has launched wireless charging that will get turn off automatically when the phone is 100% charged.

6. Automatic lock system

Wear and tear problem can be eradicated when the charging pad has an automatic lock system to hold the phone for longer hours.

7. Sensor to easily adjust and remove the phone

Picking up Android and iPhones from charging mount especially while driving is a little critical. Side sensors can make it easy to release a phone whenever you want.

Your Smartphone can do all sorts of work like GPS, business search, capturing memories, playing music and a couple of others but it can’t do any of them with a red alert or dead battery. Keep in mind these 7 creative tips to boost your phone when it feels low. No matter where are you driving, your little consciousness brings life to your phone.

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